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Wonder Curl To The Rescue!


So after using the She Scent It Papaya Curly Souffle, I needed something that had a ton of moisture. My hair was extremely dry and frizzy. While going through my shelves of product I found some that had never been opened and decided to give it a try.

Last July I purchased all of the products from Wonder Curl. I read some rave reviews about them and had to see what the buzz was all about.

Here’s what I got:

Butter than Love Pudding
Butter than Love Whipped
Get Set Hair Jelly
Get Slick Hair Smoothie

I used the Jelly and Smoothie in the hot humid summer for twist outs and got amazing results. I couldn’t believe how well my hair held up with just those 2 products, I never cracked open the Pudding and Whipped.

To my surprise, the Wonder Curl Butter Than Love Hair Whipped gave me an amazing twist out 🙂

That night I re-twisted using the Pudding and got great results as well!

Wonder Curl does what it claims! Provides incredible moisture, shine, and softness to your hair 🙂

Summer Hair…


Learning how to care for my hair during the summer has been interesting to say the least. It is definitely a science when it comes to knowing how the ingredients in your styling products react in different types of weather.

While researching ways to reduce the frizz that is caused by moisture in the air aka humidity, I came across a product line that does just that.

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Komaza Twist Out


My hair is back to normal after my disastrous wash and go last weekend. The Komaza products I used really seem to have done the trick. There is an incredible shine and softness to my hair and amazing definition from the twist out!

Komaza will be a staple product in my hair care regimen. Especially for those times I feel my hair is looking dull and dry.

I’ve included some pictures of the results. Oh and I got a new shirt also in the pictures 🙂

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KBB Braid Out


It was finally time to take my braids down after wearing them all week. I try to wear my hair in a protective style to minimize manipulation and the added work of re-braid at night.

To maintain the braids during the week, I moisturized daily with coconut oil (concentrating on the ends) and added more KBB  Butter Love to each braid. At night, I covered my hair with satin scarf to protect my braids while I sleep.

The braid out was a success! My hair was soft and well defined. The exact results I want in a braid out.

Thanks to my hubby who’s also my photographer for taking some shots while we were out in the city this evening.

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