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New Find!!!


I have a new found passion for earrings. There is something about having this new hair and wanting earrings to compliment it.

While watching a YouTube video, she gave a shout out to her girl who makes handmade earrings. I immediately went to the website and placed an order.

The handmade beauties are the creation of Mlle Cafe Au Lait. Check out her Etsy shop here!

Each order I’ve placed has been accompanied with a hand written note and a gift from the owner herself. All these little touches makes you want to go back and place another order. Not to mention, it only takes 2 days to receive your package…IMPRESSIVE!!!

You can also find her on Facebook  (search Mlle CafeAuLait) where you can get more information on her earrings as well as see pictures of  her happy customers in her “Très Magnifique” Appreciation photo album.

These are the ones I’ve had the pleasure of adding.

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