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Just Some Hair….


I took this picture in the summer after I did a braid out and really loved the definition of my hair. I’m not totally sure what I used to achieve these results but the pictures came out nice. I got fancy and used Picasa photo editor and created this collage

Braided Updo!


I had my hair in a fabulous braided up-do back in September and enjoyed it for an entire month!

What better way to give your hair a break and have the versatility of being able to war it a few different ways.

Here are some pictures of when I first got it

I can see why protective styling is all the rage. Not having to do my hair was a treat! I didn’t have to do too much during the time I had this style. Kept it moisturized using Curly Kinks Twist Whip and called it a day!

Here’s my hair about 2 weeks old…I re-arranged the twists in the front and wore it like this for the rest of the month…

Special thanks to my cousin Paula for doing my hair! She is a traveling Stylist/Consultant for those of you in New York looking for someone talented to do your hair.

Check out her Facebook page to see some of her work and be sure to follow her on Twitter  

You can also contact her via email or just give her a call (917)640-6374 🙂

Tell her B sent you!


Return of the Twist and Curl


Time to revisit and oldie but goodie. Don’t get me wrong, I love my twist outs but every now and then, I need something different and there is just something about a twist & curl I Love!

This was done on an old twist out that I lighted sprayed with water and sealed with Broccoli Seed oil which by the way is becoming my new favorite oil!!!

Check out the shine!!!


Happy Fro Independence Day!


Not only is July 4th a celebration of Independence for America, it also represents Independence for Natural Hair!

In honor of this day, ladies across the nation displayed their glorious Afros 🙂
Check out my curly girl Delta rockin’ her signature Fro
I actually did a braid out for the occassion but thanks to the humidity…I achieved what might be a new summer look

Did you celebrate? Send me your pictures!!! I’d love to showcase them 🙂

Good Bye Shampoo…Hello Mud


My days of washing my hair with shampoo has come to an end. I have discovered a better alternative…mud wash.

I would have never thought  that mud would be considered a cleanser but Terressential Organic Mud Wash is my hair’s new BFF.



  • All natural
  • Makes de-tangling a breeze
  • It’s s a shampoo and conditioner in one


  • I can only get it online and the shipping is pricey


Love this stuff!

Pi Nappa Kappa


A fellow Natural sent me some information on a Natural Hair Sorority on Facebook.

An interesting concept, I couldn’t help but check it out and see what it was all about. What can I say, I’ve always wanted to be in a Sorority. What better one than for Natural hair 🙂

Click here to read the Pledge

Do What Comes Naturally!


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Release your inhibitions, bring your girlfriends and experience the freedom to Do What Comes Naturally!

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Recommended Dress: Wear your arms out. Where something age inappropriate. Wear your white dress after labor day. Wear whatever makes you feel good.

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My Fall Regimen…


So I’m not sure my hair care will change much now that the weather is getting cooler.

I do know I want to minimize my regimen and make it more consistent.

Because I’m often trying new products, I fall into the trap of starting and stopping a new product.

The Plan:

  1. I’m going to start by going through all the products I’m not using because they didn’t give me the desired result
  2. I’m going to use up what little products I might have left in a jar
  3. I’m going to use one product at a time until it is finished!