Braided Updo!


I had my hair in a fabulous braided up-do back in September and enjoyed it for an entire month!

What better way to give your hair a break and have the versatility of being able to war it a few different ways.

Here are some pictures of when I first got it

I can see why protective styling is all the rage. Not having to do my hair was a treat! I didn’t have to do too much during the time I had this style. Kept it moisturized using Curly Kinks Twist Whip and called it a day!

Here’s my hair about 2 weeks old…I re-arranged the twists in the front and wore it like this for the rest of the month…

Special thanks to my cousin Paula for doing my hair! She is a traveling Stylist/Consultant for those of you in New York looking for someone talented to do your hair.

Check out her Facebook page to see some of her work and be sure to follow her on Twitter  

You can also contact her via email or just give her a call (917)640-6374 🙂

Tell her B sent you!


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