Summer Hair…


Learning how to care for my hair during the summer has been interesting to say the least. It is definitely a science when it comes to knowing how the ingredients in your styling products react in different types of weather.

While researching ways to reduce the frizz that is caused by moisture in the air aka humidity, I came across a product line that does just that.

Let me introduce you to Wonder Curl. It’s a small line with only 4 products which is perfect for the Product Junkie who wants to try all they can get their hands on. There are 2 butters (whipped and pudding style), a hair oil (smoothie), and a gel.

I was especially interested in 2 items, the Get Set Hair Jelly and the Get Set Hair Smoothie. From reading a few posts and checking You Tube, the reviews were favorable.

Get Set Hair Smoothie:
Get Slick Hair Smoothie provides your hair with the benefits of organic coconut oil and organic castor oil. Coconut oil, known for its benefits to skin and hair, is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen. Castor oil, also known for its medicinal properties, protects hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Using Get Slick Hair Smoothie will keep your hair looking soft, shiny and strong.

GSHS is perfect for revitalizing curls for ‘next day’ hair styles.

Get Set Hair Jelly:
Get Set Hair Jelly smooths, soothes and controls frizz without stiffness. Used with organic aloe vera which for many is a miraculous plant. In hair it is used to promote growth and revitalize hair. This jelly is also loaded with pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) to strengthen your hair. Get Set Hair Jelly keeps your coils looking fresh and fabulous all day.

The directions on the Smoothie recommend using it along with the Jelly to achieve optimal hairstyle or for spot de-frizzing and smoothing. On freshly washed and conditioned hair I apply my Giovanni leave in and proceeded to twist my hair. I took each section of hair that I was twisting and applied the Smoothie. Making sure to get a good saturation of product by starting at the root and working my way down to the end. Next I applied the Jelly the same way and twisted.

The Smoothie has a thick consistency for an oil product. I actually like that because it makes it easier to apply. It smells like honey and shea butter although they aren’t ingredients, it does contain castor oil, coconut oil, aloe vera  juice, water, and natural preservatives. The Jelly also contains aloe vera  juice, witch hazel, gylcerin, pro-vitamin B5, and natural preservatives. I can’t place the sent but the description of the website says it’s the beach in a jar. I don’t get to the beach much so I’ll take their word for it 🙂

The next day when I took down my twists, they were nicely defined. The combination of the Smoothie and Jelly gave the needed softness and hold for a perfect twist out. However, I still needed to test how well my hair would hold up to the humidity. What better way than to spend the entire day outside at an amusement park 🙂

My hair held up quite nice between the rides, the heat, and even getting wet. You can see in the picture below how much movement my hair had (I absolutely loved it) !

Wonder Curl Twist Out

Thumbs up Wonder Curl!


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