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A good friend and fellow PJ recommended a product line that is great for anyone who is transitioning or for anyone who wants the relaxed look without using chemicals. LW, this article is for you πŸ™‚

Diva Smooth is a 2 part system that is easy to apply, all natural, and priced right! This 2 part kit will set you back $29 which is less than a salon visit for a chemical service πŸ™‚

Your kit includes:

  • Janelle Beauty Shine – Virgin Coconut Hair Serum -Restore and add glorious shine to your hair with hair penetrating virgin coconut and jojoba oil. Virgin Coconut Oil actually penetrates the hair shaft and repair and restore damaged hair. It also protects the hair from heat damage. One drop works well when flat-ironing your hair.
  • Janelle Beauty Diva Smooth – Diva Smooth is a pure natural alternative to chemical based hair relaxers. Diva Smooth is based on a finely tuned mixture of all natural ingredients that deposit a high level of moisture and nutrients to your hair. When combined with heat, your hair becomes naturally smooth and healthy.

Although I’ve never used this product, I did see the results my friend had when she first used it. Her tight curls were transformed into Sleek, Shiny, Sexy hair. I couldn’t believe there was a product that could give you those results other than a chemical relaxer.

So for those that want to go natural and take the transitioning route, this could be something to get you through the “growing out” stage.

LW, check it out and tell me what you think.

NT, thank you for the suggestion. What do you think about doing a product review for the blog??? πŸ˜‰

From Janelle Beauty:

The Alternative to Chemical Relaxers

imageDiva Smooth is an alternative to chemically straightened hair, it gets your hair healthy and provides a smoother hair cuticle base by infusing your hair with all natural ingredients. These ingredients also provide a protective layer from heat and with the use of a flat iron, allows your hair to be styled straight and soft. All of this without the adverse effects of a chemical relaxer. Your hair is alive, healthy and full of bounce.

How Is it Applied
Janelle Beauty’s Diva Smooth is extremely easy to apply and can be applied by yourself or a Salon professional – Anyone can do it!l. You simply apply the Diva Smooth, let it sit. Shampoo, Rinse, Condition, Blow Dry. Flat iron for that straight look. Beautiful, healthy chemical free hair! For more detailed instructions and tips click here.

What it Does:

  • Helps prevent Hair loss and Breakage
  • Diva Smooth can be used as an alternative to chemical relaxers
  • Diva Smooth can be used on ALL textures of hair – if you desire polished smooth hair – Diva Smooth is for you

What else you need to know:

  • You can finally go natural without fussing about the grow-out phase. This will smooth out your roots while waiting for your hair to grow out
  • Diva Smooth can be used on hair that is chemically relaxed or processed – it ups the luster factor
  • Diva Smooth can be used with color  – it adds shine
  • Diva Smooth is a completely natural product – no synthetics of any kind
  • It’s Easy to go from dull to wow…Apply- Wash – Dry – Flat Iron – WOW!
  • The Diva Smooth effect will last for 4 weeks.

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  1. Baka Beautiful natural laxer is a great alternative to chemical relaxers. The ingredients are: Sahara Clay, Myrtle, Rose Petals, Clove, Nettle, Sage & Lavender.

    Natural-Laxer is proven to be the only original authentic all natural relaxer on the market today! It is an excellent alternative to chemical relaxers, both hands down! Natural-Laxer defines and opens up your natural wave/curl pattern for management, strength and control. When this unique blend is mixed with NL Rose Water and NL Hair Oil, and applied to hair, it has an amazing effect on the health and condition of the hair and skin.

    Because Natural-Laxer is non-caustic and mild, it is safe for home application and is great for young black, ethnic, or bi-racial children and all textured hair types. It’s a gentle relaxer, and hair strengthener, not straightener. It does not permanently alter the structure of the hair. Because Natural-Laxer Mix acts as a strengthener as well as a relaxer, it can help people move through this stage with a minimal amount of breakage.

    It allows women who do not feel comfortable wearing very short hair to transition without losing their length. Also women who have decided to keep permed hair, can use Natural-Laxer Mix as a treatment to strengthen their chemically treated hair, to reduce hair loss and damage. And most of all, it is Chemical Free!

    Eco Friendly
    Manages Hair
    Spa Treatment
    Elongates Curls
    For All Hair Types
    Infused With Exotic Herbs
    Relaxes Naturally & Gradually
    Strengthens, Repairs, & Revitalizes

    Visit Website:
    Enter code @ checkout: AJSR
    to qualify for discounts & special gifts

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