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So I’m reading my subscriptions to my favorite blogs and see post after post about a contest for a new Natural hair product line called Enso Naturals. After reading the description of the products they were giving away and seeing the ingredient list, I figured I’d try my luck and submit my name.  I must have entered about 4 different contests with the hopes that I would be selected.

I eagerly awaited the draw dates for these contest and continuously checked my email to see if I had won. About a week went by and still no news. As I read the blogs of the contests I entered, I saw they had selected the winners and I was not one of them 😦

I pretty much figured my chances were slim so I went ahead and placed an order for sample sizes of all their products.

There was one product in particular that I really wanted to try, the Marshmallow Root Twisting  Pudding:

A rich, thick, velvety smooth alcohol free styling pudding suitable for all hair types that does not cause flakes or tack. Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding was formulated with the needs of tired, thirsty, frizzy curls in mind. Our Twisting Pudding is fortified with Marshmallow Root which conditions your coils leaving your hair soft and nourished from root to tip. Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding is also loaded with curl loving ingredients to help enhance your natural curl pattern while offering brilliant sheen, bouncy curls and hold.

Now, you all know my staple style is either a twist or braid out so I’m always on the look out for a styler that will give me definition, moisture, smells good, and DOES NOT FLAKE!!! The not flaking is essential because I re-twist my hair every night and need to be able to re-apply product (moisture) without worrying what I’ll wake up with when I’m ready to un-twist. My experience with some products like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter have given me the dreaded flakes. Don’t get me wrong, they are great products that give me a great day 1 look but come day 2, I tend to experience flakes and that just isn’t cool!

Anyway, I placed the order on a Monday and received it by that Friday. The one mistake I made was on the method of shipping. I paid  for priority flat rate shipping when I could have just went first class and saved myself $5 .

What I Got:

Cacao Curl Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment

Cacao Curl Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment

Milk & Honey Hydrating Buttercream

Milk & Honey Hydrating Buttercream

Aloe & Marshmallow Moisturizing Hair Milk

Aloe & Marshmallow Moisturizing Hair Milk

Olive & Honey Hydrating Hair Butter

Olive & Honey Hydrating Hair Butter

Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding

Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding

Sweet Honey Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner

Sweet Honey Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner
I immediately opened the twisting pudding. It has the look and feel of gel with a clean scent. I used it that night to re-twist my hair as I was anxious to see how well it would define my curls while providing the moisture it needed. I am happy to report it lived up to its claim and I would purchase it again.

So far I’ve tried everything except the Deep Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner with no complaints. The Olive and Honey hydrating butter melts nicely and the Aloe and Marshmallow moisturizing milk works well as a refresher for your hair throughout the week. I actually gave the butter away to one of my friends who’s transitioning. The Milk and Honey butter creme I’ve also used for a twist out and was impressed with the definition I got.

Overall, the items I purchased are decent. I really liked the result of the twist out and that the pudding held up to its claim. There are a few more items they’ve added to their line that I’d like to try like the Sweet Agave Nectar & Flaxseed Daily Protective Mist and  Coconut Lemongrass Moisture Mist.

I will post a picture of my hair the next time I use the products mentioned in this post so you can see the results.



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