Avoid Terrycloth; Use Microfiber Instead

Always avoid wringing or rubbing hair with a towel, as this creates friction, breakage and split ends. Gently scrunch out most of the water with your fingers while you’re still in the shower. Rubbing hair with a towel will only break up the curls you just shaped. They key is to flip your head over and scrunch up. Microfiber is a super-absorbant fabric that reduces frizz and speeds up drying time. Microfiber does not disturb the cuticle; instead it smooths it down, reducing frizz.

Rinse with Cold Water

Try a semi-cold rinse that seals the hair cuticle, making it extra shiny. When rinsing out conditioner, use the coldest water you can tolerate—the cold helps in smoothing the cuticle, diminishing frizz and fluffy flyaway tendencies. Cold waster also locks the follicle, keeping hair sleeker and shinier

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  1. So agree! and for people who go back and forth between straight styles and curly if you wash with cool, and rinse with cold your curls will be really loose and stay loose with the right products, you get WWWAAAYYY less shrinkage without need to blow out first before a braid out or twist out style!

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