April Product Haul – Part 1


After my failed attempt at a wash and go, I decided it was time to find a product I could use to achieve optimal results.

The Kinky Curly product line is very popular in the natural hair community and I’ve seen many of product reviews on it. A while back I purchased the leave in conditioner Knot Today because of all the rave reviews but after one use, I decided I wasn’t in love with it. I found it didn’t absorb well into my hair and didn’t give me enough slip. I think I used it wrong now that I look at the directions, it suggests hair be wet for better absorption.

Anyway, as I research You Tube on wash and go styling, I stumbled up the Shida Naturals Hair Care line. After watching what felt like 2 hours of testimonials, I found myself on her webpage placing an order. My purchase included:

ShidaNatural’s Moisturizing Spray / Curl Refresher

A daily moisturizer that contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other Natural ingredients that soften and detangle, leaving hair shiny and bouncy.

ShidaNatural’s Define & Hold Curl Cream Gel

An all natural cream-like gel that reveals your CurlsKinksCoils’ natural, frizz-free curl pattern that dries soft to the touch with hold.

ShidaNatural’s Moisturizing Cream / Detangler

A light but extremely moisturizing leave-in that contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil & other Natural ingredients that moisturizes, conditions, & detangles hair

I’ll post my thoughts once I use these new products 🙂

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