Time to Trim


It has been 8 months since my visit to Miss Jessie’s for my “Big Chop (BC)”. I think it’s fair to call it that since it officially marked the start of wearing my hair in its natural state.

Looking back at the pictures I took from that visit and comparing how my hair looks now, it’s pretty cool to see the growth is really amazing.

Aug 2010Boo Rock

Now that I have been doing my hair and know what I like and dislike, it was very hard sitting in the chair and having someone in my hair. I’ve always been particular on how my hair is handled and being natural really puts this into perspective. I was a bit disappointed with my second visit to Miss Jessie’s for several reasons.

I scheduled a trim and natural style appointment. Co-owner Titi examined my hair to see what type of shape it is in and then suggests the type of style I should get. After looking at my hair, she thought a dry twist out would look great to give me the stretched out look to showcase my length. I agree, this is my staple style so no problems there. The only thing is, to get the stretched out style requires your hair be blown out. Again, I have no problems with that when done properly (more to come on that). Titi takes me to the sink to wash my hair and this is where my disappointment begins.

I wash my hair in section and most importantly, I de-tangle first. Tit proceeds to wash and finger de-tangle my hair which was pretty painful. I could feel my hair being ripped out. Next comes the conditioner. Again, I feel the finger de-tangling and more ripping. We get past that and she puts in some deep conditioner in my hair and places a plastic cap on my head. I was shocked that the conditioner wasn’t combed through like we know we should do to evenly distribute the product. Oh well, under the dryer for 15 minutes I go.  After that, back to the sink where I have an assistant attempt to de-tangle which to me was done without enough conditioner to give slip. It was painful to say the least . It also felt like the comb wasn’t a wide tooth like my hair is accustomed to. Thankfully it was over quickly and I figured the worst part was over. The conditioner was then rinsed out and I was placed back under the dryer.

After about 30 minutes under the dryer, I get moved over to the blow dryer station. As it is, I’m not big on heat as I’ve managed without it for all these months. I know that if done properly, it is not a terrible styling option. With proper heat protection and proper tools, a blow out can compliment your hair. It is when you don’t use protection and the right tools, you will run into split ends and hair breakage. So imagine my shock when the assistant starts to blow dry my hair without any heat protection. There was absolutely nothing in my hair it was dry and all I could hear was the sound of snapping hair. Before she could do another section, I kindly asked her to stop and to please add some of the Mizani Thermastrength Style Serum sitting right in front of us!!!! I could not believe this wasn’t done prior to the blow dryer hitting my hair. She applies the product and proceeds to finish the rest of my hair using a paddle brush which tugged at my curly ends and caused knots. I would have rather they used a comb attachment which in my opinion works better on my hair type.

Now that’s finished, I get my hair trimmed. Not much to say about this step. It went pretty quickly and from what I could tell, about an inch was cut off.

Next comes the styling. My hair was twisted in about 30 medium sized twists using Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. After all the hair was twisted, regular sized perm rods (blue ones) were used to enhance the ends of each twist giving it more curl definition. Under the dryer for an hour to set the Curly Pudding and then untwist and voila, I’m all done.

My hair was shiny and full of bounce. The Curly Pudding does do a great job at defining curls and adding an incredible shine to the hair. You just need to be careful not to use too much product because it will flake and leave a residue. I did notice at night when I re-twisted my hair, I had flakes everywhere. Something I don’t experience with natural products I rather use.

After this visit, I’m going to find another salon that specializes in natural hair. I’ve been reading great things about Khamit Kinks. The owner has been natural for over 30 years and has a lot of experience with maintaining and styling hair.


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