KBB Braid Out


It was finally time to take my braids down after wearing them all week. I try to wear my hair in a protective style to minimize manipulation and the added work of re-braid at night.

To maintain the braids during the week, I moisturized daily with coconut oil (concentrating on the ends) and added more KBB  Butter Love to each braid. At night, I covered my hair with satin scarf to protect my braids while I sleep.

The braid out was a success! My hair was soft and well defined. The exact results I want in a braid out.

Thanks to my hubby who’s also my photographer for taking some shots while we were out in the city this evening.

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  1. Just finished my braid out…can’t wait to see the results in the morning!!! Had a question about sleeping on the braids…do you wrap the scarf around your head and let the braids fall naturally or do you suggest a hair band under the scarf?

  2. Lately I’ve been using a silk scarf and bonnet. What I’ll do is use the scarf to tie down my braids so the lay flat (fall natural). It also helps keep your edges lay down. Then I’ll put the bonnet on top to catch the braids that aren’t covered (like the ones in the back). This protects everything while you sleep. Great question! I should do a post on this 🙂

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