The Timeline – Reloaded


This was originally posted February 13, 2011 but due to technical difficulties, wasn’t loading for some. I’ve made some changes and hope this will now work for all.


Last Relaxer: September 2009

Transition Phase: October 2009 – July 2010

All Natural: August 2010

From October 2009  until July 2010 I was in my transition phase. During this time, I wore my hair in braids and gradually cut off my straight ends as my natural hair started to emerge.

July was an awkward month for me because I did not know what to do with my new found Afro. I bought every accessory I could find. The headband became my new best friend. I had no clue what products to use and had the hardest time trying to figure out how to style it!

It wasn’t until August that I found salvation when I made an appointment to visit the Best Darn Salon specializing in Curly hair – Miss Jessie’s. It only cost me $475 but it was worth it. I received a consultation where they told me what type of hair I have, it’s 4a and what style would look best on me. What is 4a hair? It is tightly coiled hair that when stretched, has an “S” pattern, much like curly hair and has a definite curl pattern. The way to define the curl would be with the 2 strand twist out which would become my signature style for the remainder of the year. Miss Jessie also sells the products to achieve the Best Darn twist out so of course I had to make a purchase. This lead to my quest to try all the natural hair care products I could get my hands on.

Thanks to all the ladies on You Tube who created tutorials and product reviews. A special Thank you to ladies who documented their hair journeys in countless blogs. Without all these resources, I would not have the knowledge I have now. To be able to share what I’ve learned with friends and family has been amazing. I hope to do my part by contributing to the experience with all of you here!

Check out the time line!

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  1. Hey Pretty Lady!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD BE DABOMB.COM AT THIS! Your hair reminds me sooooo much of mine before I started the natural journey.

    • Thanks Lady!!! Your page gave me the inspiration I needed to get going 🙂 Did you see your page listed on my Blogroll!!!

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