Mini Twists


I’ve been wanting to try Qhemet Biologics – Ancestral Haircare for Modern Naturals  for over a year now. QB is an innovative line of high performance, natural products based on African, Mediterranean & Ayurvedic hair care traditions. A lot of the items found in their products are ones I’ve used as part of my Ayurvedic regimen so adding this to my collection was a must!

It’s Saturday evening around 5:30 and off I go to Brooklyn to a health food store that sells the product line. After an hour long subway ride, I arrive to my destination where I find other Natural ladies looking at hair products. As I’m looking at all the items in my reach, a Natural strikes up a conversation. I happened to grab Aubrey’s Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner (another item on my to try list) and she wanted to know how it worked on my hair. I let her know this was my first time trying it but I’ve read nothing but great things about it. I also let her know about the Ceramide challenge I’m doing and that Aubrey Organic products contained this ingredient. I also picked up Desert Essence Shea Shampoo and Shea Conditioner which I’ve also been wanting to try and was going to order online and was happy to see it on the shelf in my grasp!

I really only planned to get one item but thanks to the product junkie in me, I couldn’t just come home with QB’s Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. I now have 2 bottles of conditioner and a bottle of shampoo in my basket and the phone number of Brandie, the Natural I met at the store. She offered to give me more QB products she purchased and isn’t using. How cool is that!!!

As soon as I get home, I can’t wait to try out my new finds. Since I’m set to wash my hair on Sunday, I decided to do a pre-wash using conditioner vs. my usual oil treatment. I used both conditioners and detangled my hair and twisted into sections then placed a shower cap on head. I decided to sleep with it overnight and make an early start in the morning to wash and style my hair. Before you know it, it’s the next morning. Since I had all that conditioner in my hair, I really just needed to cleanse my scalp (remember, clean scalp = hair growth) and let the water rinse the shampoo and conditioner through my hair. I used warm water to do this so I did another round of conditioner with the Aubrey Organics and rinsed with cool water to seal it in. This just might be my new favorite shampoo and conditioner. My hair is incredibly soft to the touch and smells great!

Out of the shower with freshly washed/conditioned/detangled / soft hair,  I’m ready to put in some Giovanni’s Leave In Conditioner and style my hair which brings me to my post. I normally do a braid out but have been missing my twist out and thought it was time to bring it back. My braid/twist outs are done with about 8-12 braids/twists and aren’t so cute. It’s OK when I’m at home but I can’t leave the house with them 🙂  I wanted t0 be able to not have to untwist my hair when I go out and thought, why not do mini twists. This would give me a protective style I could wear for the week to give my hair a break from being twisted and untwisted on a daily basis.

I also wanted to bring back my old faithful products from Oyin Handmade 🙂 When twisting, I apply to each section of hair Shine & Define Gentle Styling Serum and Whipped Pudding.  I make sure not to use too much of each because a little goes a long way and using too much will give you residue which will lead to flakes. I love the smell of the Whipped Pudding which smells like chocolate and the Shine and Define has a clean smell sort of citrus like. The Whipped Pudding takes over so if you like chocolate, you will love the Whipped Pudding 🙂

It took me a little over an hour and a half to twist all my hair. There were some twists that seemed a bit bigger than the others so I had to go back and split them in half and re-twist.  At night, all I need to do is apply some coconut (jojoba and castor will also work) oil to my ends and scalp and put on my satin scarf.

I took a picture of the end result. For my first attempt at this style, I think it turned out pretty good.

Let me know what you think 🙂

My Mini Twists

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