Hair Challenge Junkie


In addition to being a Product Junkie (PJ), I also like to dabble in Hair Challenges.

I started off the New Year joining MopTop Maven’s 2011 Ayurvedic Hair Challenge. I committed to using Ayurvedic and Natural products for 6 months. What is Ayurvedic you may ask??? MopTop Maven (MTM) explains Ayurvedic regimens typically include cleansing the hair with herbal infusions, and conditioning the hair with nourishing oils. The result is hair that is extremely healthy, thick, and full of body. Ayurvedic regimens can be as simple (incorporating a few elements), or as complex (following a strict regimen, cutting out all commercial products) as you choose. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cut out my commercial products (all Natural of course) so I went with the combination of incorporating the elements found with using the herbal infusions for pre-washing and deep conditioning and using my commercial products for styling.

Click the link below to check out MopTop Maven’s Blog for more information on the challenge.

MopTop Maven’s 2011 Ayurvedic Hair Challenge

So this brings me to today’s post. I’m curious about another hair challenge I discovered while watching one of my favorite You Tubers Richeau aka EmpressRi channel updates. She mentioned a challenge posted on the Long Hair Care Forum that has peaked my curiosity:) OK…are you ready for it….drum roll please…It is The 2011 Ceramides Challenge. According to the post, Ceramides are fatty molecules that naturally occur in the hair fiber. They are the “glue’ of the hair fiber that hold all of the layers together. Anything that will help seal the hair’s cuticle and limit the loss of protein from the hair shaft, I’m all over it!

Are you in??? 🙂


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