Wash Day


Today is wash day! My usual weekend ritual includes pre-shampoo treatment (saturating my hair with oils) / washing/conditioning/detangling/deep conditioning my hair. This process can take any where from 2-8 hours depending on my mood.

Today I don’t plan on doing too much so I will take my time with all my steps.  My Sundays are spent doing hair research and catching up my reading the blogs I subscribe to and checking in on my fellow naturals.

So let’s start off with what I did today. On my dry hair I applied the following products:

Once I’ve oiled my hair and massaged my scalp, I place a plastic cap over my hair and proceed to do my online catch up. I spent about 2 hours with this on my hair and once I was done, I got ready to shampoo my hair.

Today I used Desert Essence’s Coconut Shampoo. I tried this last week and was very happy with the results. It is sulfate free but still gives you an incredible lather. It smells great and gets your hair clean! When washing, be sure not to over manipulate your mane. I concentrate on cleaning my scalp and letting the shampoo make its way down the hair shaft and squeeze it through my hair. You don’t need to scrub your hair. Be as gentle as possible.  You really only need to do one shampoo but if you feel another is needed, apply another dose. Massage your scalp and get it clean and let your shampoo work its way down. Rinse with warm water until all the shampoo has been washed away. You are now ready for the conditioner.

I also picked up some Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Conditioner. It has a high level of Vitamin E, this oil is able to moisturize and assist hair in repairing damage. If you like the smell of grapes, you will love this conditioner. Some say it smells like grape Kool Aid or grape jelly.

When applying conditioner, I do so outside of the shower. During this step, I don’t need water and like to be in front of the mirror while I detangle my hair. With conditioner in hand and my beloved Tangle Teezer, I begin. I’m heavy handed when it comes to conditioner and use more than I need. I think it’s because I feel I need lots of conditioner to provide enough slip to get my Tangle Teezer through my hair so it doesn’t pull. The more I use the Teezer, the more I see this isn’t the case. Today I used enough conditioner to cover all my hair. If more was needed, I applied it on the section I was detangling.

I detangle in sections. Once a section is done, I twist it and move to the next section. Once my entire head is twisted, I’ll sit with it for about 15 minutes. Depending on what method of deep conditioning I’m doing, the next steps will vary. Today I’m going to steam my hair so to enhance the conditioning, I’m adding Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner to my hair prior to going under the steamer. While I still have the twists in, I set up my Huetiful Steamer . Before going under the steamer, I take the twists out and place the Honey Hemp throughout my hair and under I go.

The steamer stays on for approximately 3o minutes. I find I need to move around to get all my hair steamed (mainly the back). Other than that, it is an easy process. Steaming claims to give you 5x the conditioning than using a plastic cap method for deep conditioning your hair. No plastic cap needed when using a steamer.

When the 30 minutes are up, you simple rinse your hair with cool water (as cool as you can handle). The cool water will seal the conditioner into your hair and if you want, leave some of it to work as a leave in conditioner. Squeeze and than shake your hair to get the excess water out. I then use my microfiber towel to pat my hair and then wrap it up using my Turbie Twist. Don’t rub your hair. This will make your hair frizzy. If you don’t have a microfiber towel, use a tshirt. It absorbs the excess water just as well. The towel is a great investment though:)

Now I’m ready to style my hair for the week. These days I’ve been wearing a braid out because of the volume I can achieve. To prep my hair, I’ll start with Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner, Weightless Moisture. Using the Teezer, I’ll comb it through and then for the braid style, I used Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk and Be Hold Curly Butter. The Curly Butter gives a nice hold, provides moisture, and smells nice. The scent says Island Mango but it smells more like lime 🙂 My other product of choice for braid/twist outs is Taliah Waajid’s Lock It Up. I really love how this product defines my curls. It has a gel consistency but does not dry out or cause flakes like most gels do. Simply love , love , love this product. I will be using Lock It Up throughout the week when I re-braid my hair.

I don’t use a comb to section my hair when I style. I simply use my fingers to section. I will put enough product on the section, comb it through to smooth out the strands of hair. I find that doing this step gives you a nicely defined braid out/twist out (basically, no frizz). When braiding / twisting your hair, make sure you place your braids/twists in the direction you want your hair to fall. Placement is everything when it comes to a beautiful braid/twist out. Think of the style you want to achieve when you are braiding/twisting. I start at the back placing 2-3 braids at the nape, 2 -4 braids on each side, and then 2 – 3 braids in the front (bangs). Once completed, let your hair air dry. If you unravel while still damp, you’ll get a frizzy head of hair which isn’t bad but takes away from seeing the definition of your curls. When you unravel, start at the bottom and be careful not to upset the braid/twist too much or you will get frizzy results. Take your time and enjoy the results!!!

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