Organic Dark Chocolate & Banana Smoothie Face Mask


Last month I received my haul of products from Anita Grant and I finally got the chance to try the Smoothie Face Mask.

It comes in the form of a powder that you simply add warm water to. Mix until smooth – like the consistency of chocolate pudding.

On my freshly washed face, I applied the mix evenly and let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinsed with warm water. My face feels soft and deeply cleansed.

The mask contains:

Main ingredients:
Certified Organic & Fair Trade Pure Cocoa Powder (From the Trinitario & Criollo Cocoa Beans of Hispaniola)
Which contains a polyphenol called epicatechin – a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant that helps to guard cells from free radical damage which causes skin to age.

Rhassoul ClayA deep cleansing, anti-microbial that does not irritate the sebaceous glands. In fact, it regulates the amount of sebum (natural oil) secreted from the skin.

100% Pure Banana Powder
Contains Tryptophan, a rich amino acid, extremely beneficial for both hair and skin. Potassium, which adds super softening properties as well as Vitamins C, A1, B12, folic acid, natural oils and carbohydrates.

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  1. I am loving these articles so far. I hope you continue to inspire my wife. They are simple short and sweet. I would like to see more details on how you do what you do to achieve the look you now have. So far my wife is on a new quest to get her hair natural and beautiful. Thanks again. We’ll be watching.

    • Thanks JJ for stopping by and especially for taking the time to leave a comment.
      My aim is to do more how to posts to show my Subbies how to achieve the look I have now.
      I recently added a post called Wash Day that gives a step by step account of what I do for my weekly hair washing regimen.

      More to come!!! Please stay tuned 🙂


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